The Development Foundation of Turkey

Tr ruralDevelopment Foundation of Turkey (DFT) was established in 1969 with the aim of providing rural development to the rural communities, the small producers, the poor households and the disadvantaged groups, i.e. women, disabled and the youth  through creating and implementing the rural development projects all over the rural Turkey. Today, the projects implemented by the Development Foundation of Turkey have positively affected the rural communities ın more than twenty different areas in Turkey and contributed to the development of new agricultural sectors like broiler production and beekeeping. Development Foundation of Turkey is member of some rural networks in Turkey.

Mission: To promote participative and sustainable rural development approaches and projects, and networking for empowering small producers in rural areas.  

Vision: Sustainable rural development in Turkey through promoting networking of rural development stakeholders at national and international levels. Development of Foundation of Turkey aims at effecting rural development policies through developing and implementing innovative rural development projects and empowering rural communities and rural civil society organizations.  

- To increase accessibility of resource poor rural households and disadvantage groups to production inputs and agricultural markets
- To improve human resources in rural areas
- To promote cooperative actions of rural households

Members: Development Foundation of Turkey is an non-profit making, independent civil organization, and it does not work on the base of membership.