Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo

Kos ruralNetwork of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo is a non-profitable civil society organization founded by 55 organizations that its main activity has been agriculture and rural development in less developed areas of Kosovo. The aim of NORDK is increasing the influence of organizations and rural communities in the formulation of policies and measures for rural development in Kosovo. Focuses of NORDK as a national network organization are: rural community stakeholders, agro-development associations and organizations, groups and individuals operating in the rural development field.

Mission: Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo is established for the sole purpose to represent the interests of organizations from rural areas to contribute to the socio-economic development of rural areas of Kosovo

Vision: Promoting and developing the relationship and partnership between different sectors of the rural community in Kosovo through advocacy and lobbing of activities and issues which aim sustainable rural development.

Objectives: The main objectives of NORDK are:
- Advancing of cooperation with various organizations of the same profile on exchanging of ideas, information and experiences as well as promotion and organizing the activities in the field of rural development
- Promotion of development of rural communities and the relationship with various sectors of the rural communities in Kosovo
- Promotion of better conditions for sustainable development of rural areas, and improving the quality of life

Members: Network of Organizations for Rural Development of Kosovo includes rural members from all resident ethnic groups; Albanian, Serb, Bosnian (Gorani and Torbeshi). In total some 55 individual rural organizations are represented under its umbrella (agricultural cooperatives, farmers associations, young farmers clubs, local action groups and women associations).