Network for Rural Development of Serbia

SRbija ruralAssociation “Network for Rural Development of Serbia” is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization, based on freedom of association of natural or legal persons, established to improve the quality of life and balance regional development in rural areas of Serbia.

Network for Rural Development of Serbia is a young and under-positioned organization in the sector of rural development in Serbia. However, a significant advantage of the network is its members, having a significant experience and remarkable results in this sector. The area of activity is the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Members of the Rural Development Network of Serbia are:
1. Association of Citizens „NIMBUS“ - Loznica
2. Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje - Kragujevac
3. Association of Citizens „Edukacioni centar“ - Leskovac
4. Regional Agency for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship of Pcinjski district VEEDA - Vranje
5. Regional Development Agency of Eastern Serbia „RARIS“ - Zaječar
6. Association of Citizens Veliko Gradiste (AGVG)
7. Association „MOBA“ - Ljig
8. Association of agronomists „AGROZNANJE“- Vrsac
9. Centre for Rural Development, Research and Application - Novi Knezevac
10. Regional Office for Rural Development - Subotica
11. Association of Citizens „NASA ZEMLJA“ - Novi Sad
12. Ibar Development Association „IDA“ - Kraljevo
13. Agrobiznis centar Novi Kneževac
14. Association “Čačanska jabuka” Čačak
15. Agro turističko ekološko udruženje “Za Jelašnicu”
16. Association rural centar  “Sova” Sremska Mitrovica

Network membership is available to all natural and legal persons under the conditions provided by Law and if they accept the Statute and the values of the association. All Network members have the same rights, obligations and responsibilities.

Mission of the Network
Evenly developed Serbia where rural areas are a desirable place to live, where people contribute, with their work and activities, to the conservation, development and improvement of all potentials, values and advantages that rural communities have.

The key activity for achieving the vision
1. Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of the organization
2. Improving visibility and recognisability of the organization
3. Improving information-service provisions for users
4. Active involvement in planning and implementation of rural development measures
5. Strengthening partnerships with international organizations