Rural Development Network of The Republic of Macedonia

MK ruralThe union of civil associations “Rural Development Network of The Republic of Macedonia - “RDN of RM” was established in March 2010 in Skopje, as a movement organized at national level to provide a voice for rural communities in the Republic of Macedonia.
The aim of RDN of RM is to demonstrate a structured approach in mobilizing rural communities to become stronger agents of local developments and participate in rural policy at local, regional, national and EU level.

Mission: Improvement of the livelihood in the rural areas of the Republic of Macedonia through building the capacities of the rural society, by networking

Vision: A progressive and vibrant rural Macedonia of inclusive and engaged communities, where guided by the principle of sustainability, its social, cultural, natural and economic assets are harnessed to achieve an improved quality of life for all.

Objectives: Establishment of applicable procedure for collecting, analysis and promotion of information related to the rural development activities and opportunities for different groups of stakeholders; Creation of detailed information’s distribution procedures to inform individuals and grassroots groups on rural development opportunities available through national, regional and international agencies; Improvement of the capacities and structure of stakeholders (members and partners) to promote their services; Construction of a lobbying and advocacy service for member organizations; etc.

Members: RDN of RM is an umbrella organization that currently allies 75 citizen organizations, members, dealing in the area of rural development. The RDN represents the needs of its members at local, national as well as at international level. The member organizations are spread on the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia. They deal with various issues, starting from agriculture as a backbone of the rural areas, forestry, women economic empowerment, environment, cultural heritage and diversification in rural areas.